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    Dealership Dent Repair

    Hail damaged inventory? We want to be your contractor!

    A partnership with Dent Method will provide your Dealership with a trained eye to assure that the insurance estimate is fair and cover all of the cost associated with the damage to your inventory. 

    How PDR Benefits Your Dealership

    Every day people take their vehicles into dealerships for service. Most of these customers have never heard of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). If they find out that your dealership can fix small dents and dings in your service department with no painting, many may choose to add this option to whatever service they are already getting.

    Offering PDR service is a natural extension of the goal to satisfy your customer. Dent Method offers Dealerships the professional Paintless Dent Removal benefits that they can then offer to their customers.

    Dealership Certified Used Cars

    Many dealerships have a certified used vehicle program certifying their vehicles to be defect free. With Dent Method on your side, small dent removal on used cars can be achieved in-house and your used vehicles can be free from the flaws that are simply impossible to avoid on used vehicles.

    What We Do

    1. Dent Method will provide average cost and justification of repairs per current guidelines to your insurance provider.
    2. Help determine the fine details of where and how our repair operation will run (usually on site) 
    3. Provide a timeline of estimated completion
    4. Subcontract and manage the correct amount of industry experts that specialize in vehicle paintless hail damage repair according to the scope of your claim

    PDR from the Dent Method removes minor dents, dings and hail damage on automobiles using highly specialized tools and superior craftsmanship. Our PDR system removes dents without damaging the paint or factory finish.

    Our dent removal system saves time, money and it’s environmentally safe.

    The proprietary tools and processes we have developed enable us to remove larger dents and creases. Dent Method is able to quickly and efficiently remove dents and hail damage in much less time than the 2-4 day repair at a conventional body shop. Some repairs may require additional time according to the severity of the damage, but are still usually done same-day.